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Karini Legal - Your AI Legal Companion for Winning Outcomes

Key Features

The first ever Legal AI companion

AI enabled Knowledge base

Our AI enabled knowledge base helps you to get the right legal advice at the right time. Our AI engine is trained by top legal experts to provide you with the best possible advice.


Multiple Skills Chatbot (Research, Summarization, Opinions)

Our multifaceted chatbot is equipped to perform extensive research, provide concise summarizations, and offer expert opinions, streamlining your legal processes and decision-making.


Smart Search

Leveraging advanced algorithms, our Smart Search feature quickly finds the most relevant legal documents, cases, and precedents, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.


Document Management

Simplify your legal document handling with our Document Management system. It offers easy storage, retrieval, and organization of documents, making your legal practice more efficient.


Citations for References

Our platform automatically generates accurate citations for all your legal references, ensuring your documents are compliant with legal standards and saving you time on manual citation work.

Why Karini Legal

Every Lawyer's dream AI companion to make you most efficient.

Makes Legal research 10x faster

Our AI-powered research tools help you find the right legal information quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.


Universal Legal Library for India

Access a vast collection of legal resources, documents, and precedents tailored to the Indian legal system, ensuring you have the right information at your fingertips.


Built by Lawyers for Lawyers

Developed by legal experts, our platform is designed to meet the unique needs of legal professionals, providing you with the tools and resources you need to succeed.


Helps you win the arguments

Equip yourself with the knowledge and insights you need to build strong legal arguments and make informed decisions, giving you a competitive edge in your practice.


Backed by Legal library

Benefit from our extensive legal library, which includes a wide range of legal documents, cases, and precedents, ensuring you have access to the information you need to support your practice.


Stay a step ahead of competition

Helps you prepare line of questioning, documentation drafting to stay ahead of your competition



What you want to know about Karini Legal.

We are a team of legal experts, technologists, and designers who are passionate about making legal services more accessible and affordable.

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